Thursday, July 31, 2014

Re-focusing........ Again.......

So, my attempt to re-focus back in May after graduation was an EPIC FAIL!!!! Therefore, I decided to join a Challenge Group with a friend on Facebook who is a Beachbody Coach. I just placed my order and set up my Beachbody account. I decided to start using their blog feature to share things with the community there more easily. I'll just copy my posts from there over here too in order to keep this updated too. 

Here's what I posted there to start things off....... Keeping it honest ...... 

To start out, here's what I put on my profile bio...... I'm 39, married & have 2 daughters & 3 dogs. I was never overweight until I was pregnant with our first child. After that, I never got much of the weight off and b/c of some circumstances I started emotional eating. My highest weight was 310 in 20008. I had gastric sleeve surgery in May 2012 and lost 100 lbs (I was 279 before surgery). I got down to 178 lbs in October 2013, but then started snacking and gaining again. I'm now back up at 200 lbs & need to get back on track, so I joined a Challenge Group here on Beachbody for August 2014.
Well, I actually turn 39 tomorrow (8/1), but wanted to get things started today since I just placed my order for the Shaun T Dance Challenge Pack. A few months ago, I met my Beachbody Coach on Facebook. She has continued to have special groups and such, but I hadn't joined one yet because of finances. I'm so frustrated with myself right now that I decided I NEEDED to join her group for August. I need the accountability factor to push myself to reach my goals. 
In 2010, I returned to college to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a high school Spanish teacher. I just graduated in May 2014, and will be doing my student teaching in a local high school this fall. I've already passed my teacher certification tests, but need to do student teaching in order to be a certified teacher.
In May 2012, I had gastric sleeve surgery. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself. If you want to see my journey, you can check out the blog I made at I did really well at blogging at the beginning of my journey, but slacked off in the past year due to stresses at school. As stated in my little bio paragraph, I was 279 lbs before surgery. In October 2013, I got down to 178 lbs, but then I started snacking and letting my food addiciton creep back in due to stress. Now I'm back up around 200 lbs. I keep fluctuating between 195-205 the past few months.
I keep telling myself I need to get back to my surgeon's guidelines of just having 3 meals per day and protein drinks or water between meals. When I started snacking again, I didn't get as much fluid in and it just started a horrible habit again. Even though I can still only eat a cup or so of food at any given time, I've gotten into the icky habit of "grazing" and have more snacks and not as much water/protein as I should be getting. I also stopped exercising with the excuse of time constraints and stress and not feeling well (even though deep down I know that I feel better when I exercise). I learned a long time ago that I do much better with weight loss when I exercise than when I don't.
Originally, my plan was to get back to exercising and my surgeon's meal guidelines after graduation back in May, especially since I'm not working this summer and have plenty of time to get back to it. However, without having a set schedule and routine, it is much harder to stay motivated and to stay away from snacks & push myself to exercise. We had 2 dogs, and just got a new puppy at the beginning of July, so we have 3 dogs who would love walks, but we're horrible at doing that too. Actually, the puppy can start going for walks around the neighborhood next week, and we are planning on doing that with him to get him used ot a leash and such.... but we've been horrible at taking our other dogs for walks.
Anyway, because of completely failing at motivating myself, because of letting my food addiction creep back in, and because of old habits of destroying my self-esteem have started popping up again, I finally decided enough was enough so I decided to join my coach's Challenge Group for August & just placed my order today (with expedited shipping). I may not have the order by Monday when the challenge starts, but Monday will still be the start of getting back on track. I'm looking forward to the support of my Beachbody coach and challenge group. I need to get back on track because I did not go through surgery to fail!! I also don't want to be this heavy for my career as a high school Spanish teacher.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Almost 2 Years - Reality Check - Time to Re-focus!!!

This coming Thursday will be my 2-year anniversary since my gastric sleeve surgery. It's kind of unbelievable how the time has flown by. 

I'm sad to report that I've re-gained 21 lbs from my lowest weight. Back at the beginning of September 2013, I was down to 178.0 lbs. Not long after that, I started getting away from "the basics" and the routine of three meals a day and only protein drinks or water between meals. I started snacking. Most of the snacks were fairly good, but they were still snacks and it meant that I wasn't drinking as much and I stopped going to the gym regularly because of a busy schedule. Then I discovered that I could drink ICEE's from the corner store and got pretty hooked on them, especially when I was stressed. My old habits of eating when stressed and eating in front of the TV when not really hungry came back. I still feel my choices were more conscious than before surgery, but the underlying addiction is still there and it won. I had too much going on with school to fight the food/exercise battle too. The odd thing is that I consciously knew I was choosing to snack & choosing to have ICEE's and choosing to not follow the basics. There were many times when I'd say, "I need to start again. I need to get back to basics," but then I wouldn't do it because of stresses of school. 

I had my last final exam on Saturday, and I'm graduating this coming Friday. I have to return to school in the fall to do my student teaching semester, but I don't have many plans for the summer, so this is the perfect time to re-focus. 

I have reset my starting weight and date on MyFitnessPal to today. This morning my weight is 199.8 lbs. Today is a new day. I have 14 weeks until I start the professional development time at the high school I'll be student teaching at in the fall. My goal is to AT LEAST lose the 21.8 lbs I gained since last September, and ideally I'd like to lose even more than that. I am getting back to basics of the three meals a day and only protein drinks or water between meals. I'm getting back to logging EVERYTHING on MyFitnessPal. 

It is time for me to start over and take back my life. -- Despite my back-slide, not a day goes by that I regret having this surgery done. It has changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful for the changes it has helped me make in my life. I'd still do it again in a heartbeat! This back-slide just shows me how real my food addiction really is in my life and how conscious I need to be to win over it. 

Highest Weight (in 2008): 310 lbs.
Weight Before Pre-Op Diet: 279.6 lbs. 
Weight on Day of Surgery (5/14/2012): 267.0 lbs.
Lowest Weight Since Surgery (9/3/2013): 178.0 lbs.
Current Weight: 199.8 lbs.
Goal Weight: 150 lbs.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

16 Months Post-Op ..... down 100.8 lbs!!

My official 16-month mark is next Saturday, the 14th, but this past week I hit a huge milestone - being down 100.8 lbs since my pre-op diet, so I decided to go ahead and do pictures & measurements today. I still have about 20-30 lbs to go to hit my own personal goal, but I'm so happy to see the scale at 178.8 lbs now!!! 

I used a different camera, but hopefully the difference is still seen. :)

Here is my new favorite outfit...... a size 16/18 blouse & actually a size 14 skirt (with one of my favorite Paparazzi Accessories necklace sets - check out for my Paparazzi products)!! 

I still struggle with my body image and sometimes get hung up on the last 20-30 lbs, but I have to keep reminding myself how far I've come and how much more awesome my life is now! We went to Sea World as a family last month & I never would've been able to spend the day there & fit in the rides & be comfortable at the shows and never could've walked around all day without being completely in pain and wiped out for 3-4 days later when I was 280 lbs! It was a tiring day, but not overly so and I wasn't in pain after walking all over the place for 12 hours! I'm so happy with how my life has changed & know I'll eventually meet my own goals even if it takes another 6 months or more to do so. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking Chin!!

Some of you may remember a while back when I mentioned the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator - an all-natural body wrap - that I had started using. I used about 5 wraps back in October/November 2012. I stoppe using the wraps because I started using the It Works vitamins, which I absolutely LOVE too. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford both products, so I've been using the vitamins instead of the wraps. 

Well, I decided to use the wraps again this summer.  I decided that I'm going to wrap my chin/neck area every Thursday and my stomach every Sunday. I'm also using the Defining Gel twice a day on my chin/neck, tummy, and upper arms. 

Last Thursday was the first time I did my chin/neck area. I am AMAZED by the results after just one use and using the Defining Gel.  I know I'm not quite the same distance from the camera in each photo, but I was trying to do a self-photo with my iPhone so it was really hard to get it exact. However, I still think you can see the difference.  

I'm going to do my second wrap on my chin/neck area tonight. I've still been using the Defining Gel twice a day too. The Defining Gel is the same botanical gel that is on the wraps, but it's a lesser concentration, so it can be used daily to help continue to tighten, tone and firm the skin. The wraps work in your body for up to 72 hours, which is why I did the second picture 3 days after the first. 

If you'd like any other information about It Works wraps, vitamins, supplements, skin care, or other products, feel free to comment here or visit my Facebook page for the business - FB Wrap Texas Skinny - or my website for the business - Wrap Texas Skinny. I would love to help others improve their health too! There are also great benefits if you sign up to be a Loyal Customer! The wraps are awesome & I also love some of the vitamins and other supplements. I haven't felt this amazing in a long time!!! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Year Surgiversary!!!

A year ago today, I was in surgery having my vertical sleeve gastrectomy done. So much has happened since then that it's hard to even remember without going back and reading my own posts from that time. 

Here are my current pictures. I don't have the same camera as I did a year ago, so I look further away from the camera now. I took the tape off the carpet a few months ago, so my feet aren't exactly in the same spot, but I tried to guesstimate and I lined up the floorboard in the pictures. Hopefully you can still get the idea! 

Here's my measurement chart . . . 

Week Week 0 Week 52 Change
Date 05/13/2012 05/12/2013 52 Weeks
Weight 267.0 187.4 - 79.6 lbs
Neck 15.50 14.00 - 1.50 in
Right Arm 16.50 13.50 - 3.00 in
Left Arm 17.00 13.50 - 3.50 in
Bust 50.00 41.50 - 8.50 in
Chest 42.50 35.50 - 7.00 in
Waist 54.50 41.75 - 12.75 in
Hips 55.00 44.00 - 11.00 in
Right Leg 26.50 21.75 - 4.75 in
Left Leg 26.50 22.00 - 4.50 in
Total Inches 304.00 247.50 - 56.50 in

Looking back, I've only lost 10 inches since my 6-month mark. However, I haven't been working out as much as I thought I would the last semester of school. I'm not taking classes this summer, so I'm really going to try to focus on exercise more for the next 3 months. If I can get a good routine going, it will be easier to keep up when school starts even with the craziness of school. 

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with the decision to do surgery last year and I would do it again in a heartbeat! It has changed my life immensely. 

It has not completely solved the food addiction. I still make not-so-good choices sometimes. However, I'm still learning and tackling things and it's a much more conscious decision when I make those not-so-good choices. Also, I can now only eat a handful of Goldfish instead of the whole bag! It is definitely still a journey and will be for the rest of my life. I have to keep looking at how far I've come because when I look at how the weight loss has slowed down or at how I still have 30-40 lbs I'd like to lose or look at all my extra skin, it is easy to get depressed again and start putting myself down again. That emotional side is much harder than the physical side of things!! The surgery has helped so much and has helped me change the physical side of things. Now I need to work harder on the emotional side of things! 

Even with dealing with the emotional stuff more now, I'd never go back to 280 lbs again! I'd never want that life again! I'm so happy with how far I've come and how much I have changed physically and even emotionally so far and I know I'll keep moving forward in both areas! 

It's truly amazing to me that it's already been a YEAR!!!!! Sometimes it seems like yesterday! 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Accepting Myself . . . for now

As you can see, I haven't been posting the past few months. School and family have taken over my life. That's not bad, but it just means I haven't been posting. I haven't been tracking my food. Although I haven't been going over my calories, I haven't been making the most wonderful choices for food sometimes . . . especially as things get stressful with finals coming up. Granted, now I can only eat 2 or 3 Oreos instead of the whole package. However, I really shouldn't have even the 2 or 3. 

Lately I've been getting more frustrated with myself since I haven't made the best food choices and since I haven't been exercising much other than the few short walks I take on campus. It's frustrating when I know how much more I still have to lose and also when I see people who had surgery after me who have lost more than I have now. 

I've tried to re-focus a few times the last couple months, but life keeps taking over. I'll only work out for a few days and then get tired and stop so I can focus on homework or family. 

This weekend I finally decided that I need to just stop worrying about it. I need to take each day as it comes and try to do better with my food choices, but I need to not worry about school and exercise and family and trying to fit it all in. I've decided that I just need to finish the semester and then go from there! I'm not taking any classes this summer, so I'll have plenty of time to swim and go to the rec center and do other things with the girls for exercise and fun. I'm positive that I can achieve my ultimate goal of losing another 40-50 lbs from mid May through September. Even if I can't get the exact goal of the 40-50 lbs, I know I can get close! 

Next semester will be just as hectic as far as studying goes, but I'm actually only going to have classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so I'm hoping if I can get a good exercise routine going in the summer I'll be able to keep it up at least 3-4 days a week once school starts again too. 

I just need to give myself a break - and as Richard said the other day, losing 80+ lbs in a year is awesome anyway! I have to keep reminding myself of that fact! 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Struggling All Around

After my last post, I had all intentions of adjusting things and sticking to my goals. However, life happens and it's been a lot harder than I thought! I had started working out more, but then our older daughter was sick all last week. I could've gone to the gym by myself in the morning, but I slept in instead. The rest of us could've gone to the gym at night without her, but we didn't. We let tiredness get in the way. Lately I've had a sweet tooth, even more than before surgery, and even though I haven't always given into it, I have had a candy bar a few times. I've let my frustrations from school drive me back to sweets and/or Goldfish crackers. I haven't gone over my calorie goals, but I haven't been making the best choices for food either. 

The last month or so it has really sunk in how much surgery was just a tool and not a complete solution to the food addiction like it seemed the first 6 months. I know a lot of people have these issues come back a lot sooner than I have, and I'm grateful for the 6-7 months I did have where food wasn't an issue, but I really wish it never became an issue again!! School is so stressful right now that I wish I didn't have to deal with food crap too, but I guess it's just all part of the journey. 

Right now I'm kinda stressed about actually reaching my ultimate goal by my surgiversary on May 14, 2013 (14 weeks from now). I really need to make the effort to put in the work now because without the exercise and right food choices, I won't even get close to my goal. I would love to meet my ultimate goal, but even more importantly I want to be healthier. If I'm exercising and eating right, I'm not so concerned with the numbers on the scale. Right now I haven't been doing those things though, so the numbers are really bugging me! 

Time to take things day by day - and sometimes hour by hour (especially when the frustrations creep in)!! 

I'm still so glad that I had surgery and have changed my life. Now is the hard part of continuing toward the better life instead of returning to the old one! I know I never want to go back to that point again!!